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The LNC-003 Dual RPM Launch Controller is a true 2-Step spark based RPM limiter for use with LSx based engines and ignition systems. The LNC-003 provides the ability to control a primary and secondary RPM limit setting. This will help provide consistent launch RPM off the line in drag racing and other standing start racing applications. In turbocharged applications the LNC-003 can also be used to load the engine and help build additional boost off the line. 

The LNC-003 can also be used as an adjustable individual cylinder RPM limiter, providing reliable and fast acting spark based engine RPM limit control. This is especially useful in vehicles that have auxiliary fuel control systems where it is not possible to make sure that both the factory ECM/PCM and the auxiliary systems both turn off fuel at exactly the same time. This is important if the two don �t completely cut fuel at the same time you will run lean when only one system cuts off the injectors, risking severe engine damage. 

Lingenfelter LNC-003 2-Step Launch Controller Kit

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