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Nitrous Express Proton Plus Series Nitrous Systems

When you decide to put a bottle under your hood, you want performance that makes you go fast; you expect durability for consistent, safe performance and, if at all possible, a good value. Proton Plus Series nitrous systems from Nitrous Express combine your wants and needs in a compact and easy-to-mount module. Constantly researching and developing to provide you with safe, reliable nitrous systems, Nitrous Express Proton Plus Series systems will exceed your expectations. These nitrous systems contain high-quality solenoids that are capable of producing 150 hp to the wheels, and their black anodized aluminum housing not only looks great, but it also pulls heat away from the solenoids for extreme durability. Proton Plus Series nitrous systems include jetting for 35, 50, 75, 100, 125, and 150 hp. They are available without a bottle or in three bottle sizes, including a lightweight 10 lb. composite bottle with an aluminum high-flow Lightning 45 bottle valve and stainless bottle brackets. Live and dream nitrous oxide with Nitrous Express--the people who are passionate about nitrous oxide.

Additional features include:

* Single Shark nozzle
* Nozzle adapter
* Stainless braided nozzle lines
* Extra-long braided stainless feed line
* Stainless fuel line
* Master arming switch
* Wide-open throttle switch
* 40 amp relay
* Relay harness
* Every nut, bolt, and electrical connector needed to complete the installation

Universal Proton Plus Nitrous System W/10LBottle

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